Foundation in Business

Provide fundamental knowledge relevant to students wishing to pursue their bachelor level studies in the areas of business administration, management and related disciplines.


Diploma in Commerce

The aim of the Diploma in Commerce is to provide students with professional and academic-oriented education which enables them to assume roles in the accounting, finance, marketing, management, tourism and hospitality fields.

Diploma in Mass Communication

The Diploma in Mass Communication programme is designed to provide professional education for students wishing to pursue a career in mass communication division industry.

Diploma in Graphics Design

Enable students to conceptualise ideas and communicate solutions affectively through visual, written or spoken means to apply an analytical approach to problems generated by the study of Graphic Design and the Graphic Design industry

Bachelor's Degree

Bachelor of Business Administration 3+0

The Bachelor of Business Administration programme in collaboration with European University focuses on teaching students how to succeed in today’s business world.

Bachelor of Arts in Leisure & Tourism Management 3+0

Our BA in Leisure & Tourism programme in collaboration with European University, Switzerland, focuses on teaching students how to manage the tourism business.


Doctor of Philosophy (PhD) in Business Administration

The Doctor of Philosophy (PhD) in Business Administration in collaboration with North Borneo University College is to develop excellent research, managerial and leadership skills within Doctoral candidates as it is necessary for them to be effective research experts in their respective fields.

Short Courses

Skill Certificate in Business Management Training

This innovative management program offers a broad knowledge of today’s business environment and an understanding of management and business administration skills, through integration of theory and previously acquired workplace experience.

Legal Concepts of Contracts and Companies for Executives

This course gives a thorough understanding of the principles of contract law. Focus will be placed on the terms and clauses frequently used in contracts, agreements and joint ventures.

Skill Certificate in Intensive English Programme

This programme is designed for students to improve their English proficiency in a short amount of time. Students will be taught academic English language instructions to prepare them for English-speaking university and working environments.