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Co-operative Education Programme (CEP)

Realizing the expectations and standards required by current employers in the commercial world, Jesselton College has designed the internship programme for students of the Final Semester Advanced Diploma level. This is the Co-operative Education Programme (CEP) where students work as they study. Upon completion, they will earn academic credits equivalent to 2 subjects.

Internship company will be contributing to the national skills development initiatives by participating in this internship programme; by accepting students to work as interns in the company for the period of 12 weeks (3 months).

Jesselton College works closely with an appointed supervisor from the internship company to monitor the progress of the intern throughout the duration of this programme. A representative from Jesselton College will visit the intern at the workplace at least once during the CEP. Students have to submit weekly reports as part of their coursework.

Internship Partners

  • Amazing Borneo Tours & Events Sdn Bhd
  • Ararat Sports & Souvenirs
  • Astro Radio
  • Era FM
  • Borneo Paradise Beach Hotel
  • Borneo Paradise Holidays
  • D’Glorious D2U
  • D’Notes Music Academy
  • Hard Rock Café (Kota Kinabalu) Sdn Bhd
  • Hanakoya Premium Gifts & Flower
  • Hitz FM
  • Hyatt Regency Kinabalu
  • Kinabalu Wood Preservation
  • Lian Lee Agricultural Chemicals
  • My FM
  • Peak Travel & Tour
  • Platinum Fitness
  • Profit Fortune International Currency Exchange
  • Sawit Kinabalu
  • Shangri-La Tanjung Aru Resort & Spa
  • Sounds Tech Engineering
  • Super Sightseeing Holiday
  • Sutera Harbour Resort
  • Teck Guan Group
  • Think Workshop
  • Zens Production
  • G & A Corporate Service Sdn Bhd
  • Sabah Animal Medical Center
  • HReasily Sdn Bhd
  • Bornion Realty
  • Redefining Travel Sdn. Bhd.
  • Gleneagles Kota Kinabalu
  • Titan Jasa Sdn. Bhd.
  • Weave Asia
  • Gayana Eco Resort
HR Easily
Redefining Travel
Weave Asia
Gayana Eco Resort

Health Services

Outside Panel Doctors

1. The College provides an Outside Panel Doctors Scheme (the “Scheme”) to all full-time and part-time students. Under the arrangement of the College, the Scheme offers an additional primary care service complementary to that of the College Health Service (CHS).


Eligibility and Coverage

2. The following three outside panel doctors are appointed to provide general medical consultation to College appointees:

(a) Klinik Dr. Cecilia Chong

(b) Dr Tai Chin Tong Dental Surgery


Administrative Arrangements

3. Appointees who would like to use this Scheme should make a medical appointment directly with the Clinics under paragraph 2 above. Appointees should present their JC Student Card for identification whereas their eligible dependants should quote the appointee’s staff number and produce valid identification document, e.g. NRIC. Users of this Scheme are required to pay a discounted fee (please refer to the table below), directly to the clinics, for each medical consultation. All charges such as laboratory investigations, x-rays or additional drugs are to be borne by users.


The fee payable by users for each consultation:

Outside Panel Doctors Discount Rate
Klinik Dr. Cecilia Chong 10%
Dr Tai Chin Tong Dental Surgery  10%

The clinics contact and location are listed below:

Outside Panel Doctors Phone Contact Address
Klinik Dr. Cecilia Chong +60 88-223 186

Ground Floor, Lot 7, Lorong Rampai
Taman Chemei, Lido, Jalan Penampang,
88200 Kota Kinabalu, Sabah, Malaysia

Dr Tai Chin Tong Dental Surgery +60 17-231 3138

Lot 31, Ground Floor
Block F, Citymall, Jalan Lintas
88300 Kota Kinabalu, Sabah, Malaysia

Pineers' Privilege

Pineers’ Privilege is a collaboration program between Pine Academy Group and multiple organizations in providing Pineers with special privileges. The aforementioned privileges include discounts and special price on products and services that the merchants have to offer. Pineers will be able to enjoy all these discounts and privileges by showing their Pine Identification Card. The scope of merchants will grow from time to time as Pine Academy Group will be working towards making Pineers’ Privilege a successful program.

Pineers will be able to identify the participating merchants based on Pineers’ Privilege tent cards displayed on their respective counters.

Participating Merchants

Security and Safety

  1. 24-hour Jesselton College in house closed-circuit television (CCTV) cameras for security surveillance, monitored by Ms. Jolly.
  2. College security guard during office hour
  3. Mall management security system:
    • 24-hour closed-circuit television (CCTV) cameras surveillance
    • 24-hour security guard patrol system, every 1 to 1.5 hour. Numbers of guard and patrol schedule are confidential

Ms. Jenny Chin, Mall Manager of CMP Management Services Sdn. Bhd. @ Tel. No: +6 088-484408, 484409

Mall enforcement and maintenance contact:
Asst. Security & Safety Manager E. Redi Sakam 016 837 1273
Operation & Facilities Maintenance Manager Mr. KC Lee 019 842 8168

Sports Club

For more information of what you’ll need to bring and prepare, kindly liase with the club’s advisor; details as listed below. Club openings, signups , meetings, neccessary items and essential reparation may be discussed with the said advisor. Should a student require more information about registration, kindly look for anyone at the campus’s information counter.

  • Badminton



    Badminton is an immensely enjoyable racquet sport played by either two opposing players (singles) or two opposing pairs (doubles), who take positions on opposite halves of a rectangular court that is divided by a net. Players score points by striking a shuttlecock with their racquet so that it passes over the net and lands in their opponents’ half of the court. A rally ends once the shuttlecock has struck the ground, and the shuttlecock may only be struck once by each side before it passes over the net.


    Badminton is a great sport to play as it caters to people of all abilities and fitness levels. It doesn’t require the upper body strength that tennis does and isn’t as rough on the body as squash, while still providing a good opportunity to have fun and work up a sweat! It’s an indoor sport so it can be played irrespective of weather and it is generally a lot cheaper than other sports.

    Chin Chun How / Heri Ruthwiryo

    For more information of what you’ll need to bring and prepare, kindly liaise with the club’s advisor; details as listed above. Club openings,signups , meetings, necessary items and essential preparation maybe discussed with the said advisor. Should a student require more information about registration, kindly look for anyone in the campus’information counter or contact us at this number: 088 - 448344
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  • 2
  • 3
  • 4
  • 5
  • 6
  • 7

Student Counselling

Counselling gives you some time and space to explore any issue that is of concern to you.

Counsellors are specially trained to listen attentively and provide a supportive, non-judgmental environment where you have the opportunity to engage in self-reflection, with a focus on your well-being and personal growth.

You can also get advice on where to find additional support and how best to move forward.

If you are interested in meeting with a counsellor in a confidential setting about the difficulties you are experiencing, the Student Counselling Service offers One to One Counselling.

If you are a student struggling to cope, please do not hesitate to contact us. We are here to help you.

Examples of the issues students seek counselling for include:

  • Stress or Anxiety
  • Relationship Difficulties (family, romantic, platonic)
  • Depression or Mood Difficulties
  • Grief or Bereavement
  • Homesickness or Loneliness
  • Lack of Motivation or Direction
  • Sexual / Personal Identity Issues
  • Parental Separation
  • Assault or Abuse
  • Self-Harm
  • Bullying or Racism
  • Addiction or Substance Use
  • Eating or Body Image Issues
  • Unplanned Pregnancy
  • Low Confidence or Self-Esteem


You may look for any of our counsellors (subject to availability) during term time from Monday to Friday through Lunch (1.00pm-2.00pm).

Otherwise, to make an appointment with the Student Counselling Service, please consider one of the options below:

Phone   :  088 448344 @ Ms. Farah Yualiana Binti Yusof (Practicing Certificate No.: PA06503)

Mobile  :  Ms. Farah Yualiana Binti Yusof @ 011-3142 4886

Email    : This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.