Steps to VISA Renewal

  1. Prepare 4 copies of Passport-Size Photo
  2. 2 copies of your Passport
  3. Request for renewal of VISA with the International Officer

When Should I Renew My Student VISA?

You should request for the renewal of your VISA from the International Officer 40 days before the expiry date. Failure to request the renewal within 40 days will prolong the renewal process and student will potentially face to risk of deportation.

When Is The Expiry Date Of My Student VISA?

The expiry day is stated on your Student VISA.

Payment incurred for Renewal of Student VISA:
VISA Renewal – RM96
Stamp Duty – RM10

Insurance Renewal – Price is based on the Insurance Plan and age of the student. Refer with the International Officer on the Insurance Payment.

Payment should be made prior the renewal of the VISA. Payment will be fully refundable upon failure of VISA Renewal.

International Officer:
Mr. Nelson Wong
Admin Office