Foundation in Business

Provide fundamental knowledge relevant to students wishing to pursue their bachelor level studies in the areas of business administration, management and related disciplines.

Diploma in Commerce

The aim of the Diploma in Commerce (leading to business degree in Accountancy, Finance, Marketing, Management, Tourism, Hospitality Management and other business related majors) is to provide students with professional and...

Bachelor of Business Administration (Hons)

The Bachelor of Business Administration programme focuses on teaching students how to succeed in today's business world. It is designed to give students a foundation in business study...

Bachelor of Arts in Leisure & Tourism Management

Our BA in Leisure & Tourism programme focuses on teaching students how to manage the tourism business. Tourism is the fastest-growing industry in the business world.

Diploma In Early Childhood Education

This programme is tailor-designed for Early Childhood principals, administrators, teachers, care takers, childminders and those involved with young learners to ensure that they have the necessary and enriched knowledge.


Master of Education (Education Management)

Education field is an evergreen job market in any countries. It is one of the fields that continues to grow in new ways. Becoming a teacher/educator gives the opportunity and privilege of making an impact on society...

Master of Business Administration (MBA)

This programme provides students with a well-rounded curriculum to strengthen their understanding of all functional areas of business. This programme will enable you to develop a range of business skills applicable to the wider commercial market.

Doctor of Philosophy (PhD) in Management

The research programme leading up to the award of a PhD in Management/Business is designed for ambitious graduates wishing to do academic research in, or teach as, professors of management/business.