5. Policy for Minimisation of Disposable Items


At Jesselton University College, we are committed to reducing our environmental impact and promoting sustainable practices. This policy aims to minimize the use of disposable items on campus to contribute to waste reduction and environmental conservation.


This policy applies to all departments, staff, students, vendors, and visitors on the university campus.

Policy Guidelines

a. Elimination of Single-Use Plastics: The use of single-use plastic items such as straws, cutlery, cups, and plastic bags is strictly prohibited on campus. Reusable alternatives should be encouraged.
b. Responsible Event Planning: Event organizers are required to prioritize the use of reusable or compostable materials for catering and food service. Disposable items should be avoided whenever possible.
c. Promotion of Reusable Containers: The university encourages staff and students to use reusable containers for beverages and food brought from home or purchased on campus. Water refill stations are provided to reduce the need for single-use water bottles.
d. Sustainable Food Packaging: Food outlets on campus are encouraged to use eco-friendly and compostable packaging for takeaway meals.
e. Awareness and Education: Regular awareness campaigns and educational programs will be conducted to inform the university community about the environmental impacts of disposable items and the importance of waste reduction.
f. Collaboration with Vendors: The university will collaborate with vendors and suppliers to source eco-friendly alternatives and reduce the use of disposable items in products and packaging.


The university will appoint a Sustainability Committee responsible for overseeing the implementation of this policy. The committee will collaborate with various departments, students, and vendors to ensure compliance with the guidelines.

Monitoring and Evaluation

Progress towards minimizing disposable items will be regularly monitored and evaluated. Data on waste reduction, usage of disposable items, and sustainable practices will be collected to assess the policy's effectiveness.


This policy will be reviewed annually to assess its impact and make necessary improvements to further minimize the use of disposable items on campus.

By implementing this policy, Jesselton University College aims to foster a culture of sustainability, reduce its environmental footprint, and inspire positive change within the university community and beyond.