3. Women Access Scheme

At Jesselton University College, we are committed to creating an inclusive and supportive environment that empowers women to pursue their academic and personal goals. Our mentoring programs are designed to provide women with valuable opportunities for growth, both during their university studies and beyond.

These programs aim to support women in their educational journey by offering mentorship, guidance, and resources tailored to their specific needs. We recognize the unique challenges that women may face in academia and beyond, and we believe in providing them with the necessary tools and support to thrive.

At our institution, women have equal access to educational resources, scholarships, leadership roles, and career development opportunities. We actively promote gender-balanced representation among our faculty, staff, and student body. We encourage women to pursue their passions, challenge societal norms, and reach their full potential.

We stand united in our commitment to gender equality, and we continuously strive to create an environment where women thrive and are empowered to make a positive impact in their chosen fields.


We provide a range of scholarships exclusively for women applicants. These scholarships are designed to recognize academic achievement, leadership potential, and financial need. By offering financial assistance, we aim to remove financial barriers and enable talented women to access higher education without undue burden.

We are proud to emphasize that sex or gender is not a determining factor in the scholarship application process. Our scholarships are open to all eligible applicants, without any bias or preference based on gender. We value diversity and recognize the importance of providing equal opportunities for everyone to pursue their academic aspirations.

When reviewing scholarship applications, our selection committee focuses on merit, academic achievements, extracurricular activities, and other relevant criteria. We assess each applicant's potential, passion for learning, and dedication to their chosen field of study. Our aim is to identify deserving individuals who demonstrate academic excellence and show promise in their respective disciplines.

By adopting an inclusive approach, we ensure that all students have an equal chance to receive financial assistance to pursue their education at Jesselton University College. We firmly believe in creating a level playing field where talent and determination are the key factors considered in awarding scholarships.

Career Development and Leadership Programs

At Jesselton University College, we are dedicated to empowering women and preparing them for success beyond their academic journey. As part of our commitment to gender equality, we offer a range of free programs designed to enhance women's skills, knowledge, and confidence in various professional domains.

Our free programs include career talks, entrepreneurship talks, leadership development programs, and many more. These initiatives aim to equip women with the necessary tools and insights to thrive in the competitive world of work. We firmly believe that women have immense potential and can make significant contributions in the corporate landscape.

Through career talks, we invite industry professionals and experts to share their experiences and provide valuable guidance on various career paths. These sessions offer invaluable insights into the corporate world, job market trends, and emerging opportunities. They help women gain a deeper understanding of different industries and equip them with the knowledge to make informed career decisions.

Our entrepreneurship talks focus on fostering an entrepreneurial mindset among students, including women. We invite successful entrepreneurs to share their journeys, challenges, and strategies for building and sustaining successful businesses. These talks inspire and encourage women to explore entrepreneurship as a viable career option, enabling them to develop their own ventures and contribute to the entrepreneurial ecosystem.

Leadership development programs are also an integral part of our offerings. We believe that effective leadership transcends gender boundaries and that women have the potential to be exceptional leaders. Our leadership programs aim to cultivate essential leadership skills, such as communication, collaboration, decision-making, and problem-solving. Through interactive workshops, seminars, and mentorship opportunities, we empower women to develop their leadership abilities and become influential change-makers in their chosen fields.

We encourage all students, regardless of gender, to participate in these programs. By engaging in these enriching experiences, women can strengthen their skills, broaden their horizons, and unlock their full potential. Together, let us champion gender equality, empower women, and shape a future where everyone has an equal opportunity to thrive.

Mentoring Program

As part of our mentoring programs, we ensure that mentors and mentees have regular meetings to establish a strong support system. Mentorship meetings are held twice per semester, providing dedicated time for mentees to connect with their mentors and discuss any challenges or concerns they may be facing, whether personal or academic in nature.

These regular meetings serve as a platform for open and honest communication between mentors and mentees. Mentees can seek guidance and advice from their mentors regarding academic choices, career aspirations, personal development, and overcoming any obstacles they may encounter during their time at the university. Mentors, in turn, provide valuable insights, share their experiences, and offer encouragement to help mentees navigate their academic journey successfully.

By establishing a consistent meeting schedule, we ensure that the mentor-mentee relationship is nurtured and maintained throughout the academic year. This allows for ongoing support, feedback, and guidance to be provided to mentees, promoting their personal growth and academic achievements.