3. Employee Non-discrimination Policy

Jesselton University College (JUC) is committed to maintaining a workplace environment that is free from discrimination, fostering inclusivity, respect, and equal opportunities for all employees. We value diversity and recognize the importance of treating every individual with fairness and dignity. Discrimination based on religion, sexuality, gender, age, or refugee status is strictly prohibited within our organization.

JUC adheres to the following principles:

Equal Employment Opportunities: JUC provides equal employment opportunities to all individuals, irrespective of their religion, sexuality, gender, age, or refugee status. Employment decisions, including recruitment, hiring, promotion, and termination, are based solely on merit, qualifications, and job-related criteria.

Respectful and Inclusive Workplace: JUC promotes a work environment that respects the diversity of its employees. We foster an atmosphere where everyone is treated with dignity, courtesy, and professionalism. Discrimination, harassment, or any form of disrespectful behaviour based on religion, sexuality, gender, age, or refugee status will not be tolerated.

Fair Policies and Practices: JUC has established fair policies and practices that are free from any form of discrimination. Our employment policies, including compensation, benefits, training, and development opportunities, are designed to ensure fairness and equal access for all employees.

Complaint Procedure: JUC encourages employees to report any incidents of discrimination promptly. We have implemented a comprehensive complaint procedure to address grievances related to discrimination. All complaints will be treated confidentially, and appropriate measures will be taken to investigate and resolve them in a fair and timely manner.

Non-Retaliation: JUC prohibits any form of retaliation against employees who raise concerns or file complaints about discrimination. Retaliation in any form is a violation of our policy and will result in appropriate disciplinary action.

JUC is dedicated to upholding this Employee Non-Discrimination Policy and ensuring that all employees are aware of their rights and responsibilities. We are committed to providing a workplace where diversity is valued, and every individual is treated fairly and respectfully.