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JUC Partners with Ride Runner to Empower Students with Income-Generating Opportunities

Kota Kinabalu, November 26, 2022

Jesselton University College (JUC) has joined forces with Ride Runner, a leading delivery service provider, funded by the Ministry of Finance (MOF) through Perkeso, to empower students with income-generating opportunities. Through this collaboration, students can now earn RM600 per month for a duration of 6 months, allowing them to manage their financial needs more effectively.

Ride Runner offers affordable, fast, and efficient delivery and pickup services through its user-friendly mobile application. The partnership with JUC aims to provide students with a convenient and flexible way to generate income while managing their academic commitments.

The services offered by Ride Runner extend beyond traditional delivery tasks. The runners are also available to assist with queuing at counters for various services such as banking, JPJ, or postal services, saving valuable time and effort for the students.

JUC and Ride Runner believe that providing income-generating opportunities will not only enhance financial stability for students but also instill essential skills such as time management, customer service, and entrepreneurship.


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