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Intensive English Programme

ProgramIntensive English Programme (KKP0111)
Duration    3 months per level
Study Options  Full time and Part time
Certification   Jesselton University College
Intake Month monthly basis
Compliance       Common European Framework of Reference for Languages (CEFR)


Intensive English Program at Jesselton University College, is meticulously structured to cater to different levels of English proficiency over a duration of three months per level. Available in both full-time and part-time study options, the program offers flexible intakes each month, allowing students to commence their learning journey at a time that suits them best. In aligning with the globally recognized CEFR standards, Jesselton University College certifies that graduates of this program meet international benchmarks in language proficiency.

Level 1: Elementary (CEFR A2) – 3 Months

The program begins with the Elementary level, targeting the A2 standard of the CEFR. This initial stage is designed to develop basic communication skills and familiarize students with the English language. Learners will focus on understanding and using everyday expressions, engaging in simple conversations, and acquiring essential vocabulary and grammar. By the end of this level, students will be able to communicate in routine tasks requiring direct exchanges of information.

Level 2: Intermediate (CEFR B1) – 3 Months

The Intermediate level progresses students to the B1 standard, where they will enhance their ability to deal with more complex language structures and situations. The focus is on improving fluency and comprehension in everyday contexts, enabling students to express opinions, understand the main points of clear standard input, and handle travel and work-related language tasks.

Level 3: Upper-Intermediate (CEFR B2) – 3 Months

At the Upper-Intermediate level, students advance to the B2 standard, where they will refine their language skills to handle more intricate and abstract content. This level emphasizes effective argumentation, detailed understanding of texts, and the ability to interact with a degree of spontaneity and sophistication.

Throughout each level, the Intensive English Program emphasizes the development of all key language components:

Listening (EC/3/1001 – Informational Listening)

Speaking (EC/3/1004 – Conversation and Speaking)

Writing (EC/3/1003 – Business Writing)

Reading (EC/3/1002 – Active Reading)

Our curriculum combines rigorous academic instruction with interactive learning activities, ensuring that students not only meet the CEFR standards but also gain the confidence and competence to thrive in English-speaking environments.

Entry Level Selection

Prospective students take a pre-enrolment English test to determine the appropriate entry level, guaranteeing a customized educational experience to optimize success and development within the program.