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Jesselton University College Joins Tide to Thrive Program in Mangrove Cleaning Initiative to Beat Plastic Pollution

Kota Kinabalu, Sabah: In a bid to raise environmental awareness and promote sustainable practices, Jesselton University College (JUC) has partnered with Sabah Wetlands Conservation Society (SWCS) in their “Tide to Thrive” program. The initiative aims to mobilize action and foster community engagement in protecting and restoring the environment, with a special focus on beating plastic pollution.

On the morning of 14 July 2023, 32 JUC staff members and 14 students enthusiastically gathered at the Kota Kinabalu Wetlands Ramsar Site for the mangrove cleaning event. The program highlighted the urgent need to address the plastic pollution crisis and encouraged participants to play an active role in preserving the invaluable wetlands.

The mangrove cleaning initiative was organized as part of JUC’s corporate social responsibility (CSR) program. It provided a unique opportunity for the university college community to gain hands-on experience in environmental protection and conservation. The program’s objective was to foster a sense of responsibility and inspire long-term commitment among the participants towards sustainable practices.

SWCS, an esteemed organization dedicated to the conservation of wetlands, led the program. Their expertise and guidance provided valuable insights into the importance of mangrove ecosystems and the detrimental impact of plastic pollution on the environment.

During the three-hour event, participants worked diligently to clean up the mangrove area, removing plastic debris and waste materials that threatened the fragile ecosystem. The program not only contributed to the restoration of the wetlands but also served as an eye-opening experience for the participants, deepening their understanding of environmental issues.

In line with the World Environment Day theme of “Beat Plastic Pollution,” JUC’s participation in the Tide to Thrive program demonstrated the university college’s commitment to sustainability and its dedication to creating a positive impact on the environment.

The successful collaboration between JUC and SWCS showcased the power of partnerships in addressing environmental challenges. By actively engaging with the local community and sharing knowledge and best practices, the program laid the foundation for future joint initiatives focused on environmental protection.

As the event concluded, participants left with a renewed sense of purpose and a commitment to continuing their efforts in supporting environmental conservation. The Tide to Thrive program proved to be an inspiring and impactful endeavor, reflecting Jesselton University College’s dedication to promoting a greener and more sustainable future for Sabah and beyond.


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