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Certificate in Port Management
HRDCorp Programme Number: 1000185879
Programme Description

This course is the leading professional development training programme on managing ports in today’s global economy. To produce quality managers who are knowledgeable and competent in the maritime industry as port management, shipping, logistics, transportation, shipping agent, warehousing and international trade (import / export). This program exposes students to real-management procedures in maritime sector as port management, shipping, cargo handling as well as international trade.

Duration: 5 Days / 40 hours

Learning Outcome:

  • Define the role of ports, including in a through transport context, and their features, including different forms of ownership structure of ports.
  • Identify the interface of ports with logistics and the position of ports in the supply chain.
  • Analyze port performance and relevant quality management systems.
  • Describe the involvement of stakeholders in port management.
  • Analyze port charges and port competition related issues.
  • Integrate port planning and development policies.
Delivery Mode: Lecture / Discussions / Case studies
Payment Mode: HRDF Claimable
HRDCorp Programme Number: 1000185590
Programme Description

Very suitable for those who want to understand and deepen the details of strategic planning and business management. Topics to be discussed include the nature of small and large business, carrying out feasibility studies, developing a business plan and how to effectively organize, develop, create, and manage their own businesses.

Duration: 3 Days

Learning Outcome:

  • Identify important traits of successful business and entrepreneurs.
  • Carry out a feasibility study and develop a proper business plan.
  • Identify and discuss basic issues related to challenges, current climate, sources of information and financial aids and marketing strategies related to business activities.

Course Content:

  • Process of generating business ideas
  • Marketing vs. Branding vs. Sales
  • Planning Cash Flow and Business Plan
  • Business Structure
  • Market Research
Delivery Mode: Face to face, Blended Learning and Online
Certificate in Financial Management
HRDCorp Programme Number: 1000185591
Programme Description

The aim of this course is to provide in-depth main theory and practice of financing companies, the allocation and management of financial resources within a company and the rewarding of the providers of a company’s finance.

Duration: 3 Days

Learning Outcome:

  • Evaluate and apply appropriate techniques for choosing between alternative sources of funding.
  • Evaluate and apply appropriate methods for making long and short term asset allocation decisions.
  • Evaluate different methods of incorporating risk into financial decision-making models
  • Record the accounting for inventories.

Course Content:

  • An Overview of
  • Financial Management
  • Capital Structure and
  • Cost of Capital
  • Investment Appraisals:
  • Capital Budgeting
  • Fundamental Concepts
  • in Finance
  • Bonds and Stocks:
  • Valuation and Financing
Delivery Mode: Face to face, Blended Learning and Online
Certificate in Effective Leadership
HRDCorp Programme Number: 1000185585
Programme Description

Leadership skills are the tools, behaviours, and capabilities that a person needs in order to be successful at motivating and directing others. Yet true leadership skills involve something more, the ability to help people grow in their own abilities. It can be said that the most successful leaders are those that drive others to achieve their own success.

Duration: 3 Days / 15 hours

Learning Outcome:

  • Contrast leadership and management.
  • Understanding leadership theories and practical implication to organizations:
    1. Trait Theories
    2. Behavioral Theories
    3. Contingency Theories
    4. Leader-Member Exchange Theory
    5. Charismatic Leadership and Transformational Leadership
    6. Authentic Leadership: Ethics and Trust
Delivery Mode: Lecture / Discussions
HRDCorp Programme Number: 1000183350
Programme Description

This course will teach you introduction for learners to principal areas of business and management including business planning and forecasting in a practical business situation. Therefore, understanding the business organizational structure, responsibilities and span of control.

Duration: 160 Days

Learning Outcome:

  • Understand the capital terms and the capital management.
  • Budgeting in order to attain the desired profitability in business.
  • Present human resource management which includes recruitment concept and procedures, job descriptions and analysis and related policies
  • Possessed about market research, distribution channels, marketing strategies, advertising, publicity and public relations.

Course Content:

  • Business Projections
  • Budgeting & Financial
  • Planning
  • Sales and Marketing Production & Operation
  • Management
  • Human Resource
  • Management
  • Inventory Management
  • Capital Management Business Organisations
Delivery Mode: Face to face, Blended Learning and Online
HRDCorp Programme Number: 1000149789
Programme Description

The Executive Master in Business Administration (EMBA) is a professional executive development program for professionals seeking to deepen their understanding of the core elements of general management and business administration. Taking an applied approach within a flexible learning environment, the curriculum is designed around integrated knowledge to challenge business professionals in the issues of day-to-day operations and strategic planning; both locally and internationally.

Duration: 122 Days

Learning Outcome:

  • Evaluate the role of operations management in a modern business environment and how the operations function contributes to the success of the firm.
  • Demonstrate understanding and knowledge on how key Operations Management (OM) principles are being/could be applied to the operations of the organization
  • Quantify and assess resources, both material and human to achieve operations objectives

Course Content:


  • Managing Operation
  • Business Law
  • Effective Leadership
  • Leading Organization
  • Financial Management
  • Managing Business Strategy
  • Strategic Marketing Strategic
  • Human Resource Management

Delivery Mode: Face to face, Blended Learning and Online

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