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Certificate in Enhancing Communication Skill
HRDCorp Programme Number: 1000185671
Programme Description

The participants have to communicate effectively and efficiently with the customers, supervisors and co-workers in the workplace. Effective communication will improve the interpersonal relationship, productivity and minimize conflict. To achieve co-operation and effective teamwork, good human relations skills are essential. Everything people do in the workplace, results from communication. Therefore, good reading, writing, speaking and listening skills are essential if tasks are going to be completed and goals to be achieved.

Duration: 3 Days / 9 hours

Learning Outcome:


  • Identify the main functions of communication.
  • Describe the communication process and formal and informal communication.
  • Differentiate the downward, upward and lateral communication.
  • Identify common barriers to effective communication.
  • Demonstrate how to overcome the potential problems in cross-cultural communication.
  • Differentiate the oral, written and nonverbal communication.

Delivery Mode: Face to face, Blended Learning and Online
Certificate in Effective Copywriting
HRDCorp Programme Number: 1000185626
Programme Description

This course is designed to provide the knowledge and basic skills to start out as an entry level copywriter. Students will learn the strategies for writing effective publicity materials with the purpose of generating leads, sales, or creating brand awareness.

Duration: 2 Days

Learning Outcome:

  • Demonstrate knowledge of copywriting and content for marketing concepts, activities and processes.
  • Demonstrate understanding of how copywriting and content concepts, activities and processes are used for different marketing purposes.
  • Apply understanding of copy and content for marketing to create and proofread.
  • Make connections and integrate understanding across different areas and elements of copy and content for marketing.
Delivery Mode: Face to face, Blended Learning and Online
Professional Diploma in Mass Communication
HRDCorp Programme Number: 10001153801
Programme Description

The Professional Diploma in Mass Communication programme is designed to provide professional education for students wishing to pursue a career in mass communication division industry particularly in the media, production, communication, public relations, corporate, business and marketing, advertising or related fields.

Students will be exposed to the issues, practices and the dynamic, challenging and creative nature of the industry so that they will be able to support the mass communication functions of organizations effectively. Students graduating from Diploma in Mass Communication will be able to operate in a complex and rapidly changing media, broadcasting, publishing and corporate world.

The course also aims to develop passionate and creative individuals with strong communication and PR skills who are able to apply tools and technologies appropriate for the mass communications professions in which they work.

This is a life-long learning continuing education program, it is not an academic award and does not lead to any further academic education pathways in Malaysia. This programme is offered under Jesselton College Sdn. Bhd. as a training provider to Human Resource Development Corporation (HRDCorp).

Duration: 255 Days
Delivery Mode: Face to face, Blended Learning and Online

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