jesselton university college

School of Business & Law

Embarking on your undergraduate journey at Jesselton University College promises to equip you with the knowledge, skills, and the self-assurance needed to drive positive change in your world. Our undergraduate programs are methodically designed with a strong emphasis on enhancing employability, offering an educational experience that transcends the conventional classroom setting.

We pride ourselves on fostering industry connections, providing internships, facilitating study abroad through student exchange programs, organizing enriching field trips, hosting diverse events, and promoting friendly yet competitive competitions. At Jesselton University College, a wealth of opportunities awaits you, ensuring a comprehensive and dynamic educational experience.

At present, Jesselton University College offers the following specialized programs that are considered in high demand within the Sabah market:

Foundation in Business

Provide fundamental knowledge relevant to students wishing to pursue their bachelor level studies in the areas of business administration, management and related disciplines.

Diploma in Commerce

The aim of the Diploma in Commerce (leading to business degree in Accountancy, Finance, Marketing, Management, Tourism, Hospitality Management and other business related majors) is to provide students with professional and…

Bachelor of Business Administration (Hons)

The Bachelor of Business Administration programme focuses on teaching students how to succeed in today's business world. It is designed to give students a foundation in business study…

Bachelor of Arts (Hons) in Hotel & Tourism Management

Our BA in Leisure & Tourism programme focuses on teaching students how to manage the tourism business. Tourism is the fastest-growing industry in the business world.